We’re pretty good at answering the phone…
but you know how it is.

At peak times all of our people may be with a customer and not be able to get to the phone immediately.

We get a bit anxious when we miss a call, so as soon as we’re finished we’ll dash to the phone and find out who you are and call you back.

Please leave your name and a contact, and possibly a mention of what you’re looking for – if you know –  that will give us some time to gather some intel before we call you back.


You can email us. We’ll make sure your email goes to the right person who will get back to you with an answer to your question.

We’re still here in North Hobart and the parking is free.

There’s not much that we enjoy more thank seeing people in our store… even if you’re just having a look around.

You have the skills. We have the tools.
Come and browse before your next cooking adventure!