There are some things we refuse to do

Just a few of the things that we’ve learned NOT to do from our parents and grandparents

We won’t choose our stock because it will sell well. We choose it because it won’t let you down and because it’s priced to be fair to you and us (not to make someone filthy rich).

We won’t offer you some loyalty program designed to capture an email address and pepper you with advertising. We’d rather reward your loyalty in the form of better products, a better price, and backup service that’s, well… actual service. Our aim is to remember who you are. It might take a few visits, but if we look at you too long or ask you too many questions, it’s because we know your face and we’re just trying to remember your name.

We won’t ask you to shop with us because we’re Tasmanian. We think that by itself is nonsense; if we can’t get you to shop with us because our product is better, our backup service is real, our people are helpful (and know their stuff), our prices are fair (or more than fair), and our range is the equal (or almost equal) of serious kitchen stores on the mainland, then we don’t deserve your business.

We don’t train our people to upsell. We train them to help.

We won’t hide behind some corporate rule if something goes wrong. We’re local. We’ve been local for more than 100 years. We make the rules. Not some boss in another country. We live here and want to be able to walk down the street knowing that we have done our best and will not let anyone down.

We won’t wait for you to tell us it’s not good enough. We do the research before we put it in stock. If we have it, it’s either the best you can buy, seriously good value for money, or cheaper because we bought a lot of them and want the space they’re taking up in our warehouse.

We won’t embarrass you if you need to return something. We’ll be embarrassed that you’ve been let down. We’ll ask some questions, but only so that we know what products to keep, what to dump, or how to serve you better next time.

You have the skills. We have the tools.
Come and browse before your next cooking adventure!