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Apparently we were wrong about online shopping

We set up an online store because we felt it was something we had to do for our customers.

Turns out we were wrong. Our customers seem to prefer face-to-face shopping when it comes to kitchen equipment. Or maybe they just like visiting OUR store.

It’s a huge amount of work at our end entering and updating almost 20,000 products… and we only sell about 25 items a year online

Seems the majority of our customers would rather wander around the store than buy online.

We love you! Of course we love our online shoppers too, but we simply can’t afford to have one of our staff spend umpteen hours per week uploading and updating and fiddling with our website to just pack and address two items a month. We’d probably have to put prices up?! And none of us wants that.

Maybe it’s a bit like supermarket shopping. You only need milk and bread, but you ‘just want to have a look around in case there’s something on special’ or ‘might find some dinner inspo’ and you walk out with the milk, a family block of chocolate (got to remember not to go shopping when I’m hungry), 4 avocados that were on special and look perfectly ripe (but we’ll see!), 2 limes, a bag of corn chips, a tub of sour cream (that’s dinner sorted) a tub of ice cream and a smile on your face. (Get home and realise forgot the bread)… back to the kitchen equipment…

We see that here as well. Only a handful of our customers walk in and out in five minutes with only what they came for – maybe just a busy professional chef – the rest head in on a shopping adventure and go out with that smile on their faces – even if they didn’t buy anything!

So, the website is here to give you an idea of who we are and what we sell. We haven’t got prices on the products and you’ll only be looking at a representative selection of the thousands of kitchen things that we have in the store and our warehouse – for every product you see online, we have 20 similar products (on average) to choose from in our store. Take a look here, then head on in for your kitchen equipment adventure. Or give us a call to confirm the price of an item. We’re confident that our prices are very competitive.

Restaurateurs and chefs can call us to place an order and we’ll make delivery arrangements.

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